The Best Renovations To Increase Your Home Value

Renovations and remodels add to the beauty and comfort of your home and increase its resale appeal. When you are investing in a home remodeling project, you want to make sure that the results not only elevate the functionality of your house but also add value to your home and save you money. Upon deciding that you are finally going to undertake home remodel, you may be wondering  which areas require more focus and will add more value to your home. Here we’ll identify these areas so that you can adequately prepare for them and get the most bang for your buck, whether you want to sell in the near future or remain in your beautifully updated home.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the must-haves for any home. They both serve a distinct purpose. Kitchens sell homes, period. It is advisable to invest a lot into a kitchen remodel as it is the most important room when it comes to resale value of a house. Kitchens top the list of the most impactful rooms in a home. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing food, enjoying their meals together, entertaining friends and guests. Family and friends all tend to congregate in the kitchen. Without question, it is the epicenter of a home. Kitchen remodel typically involves the replacement of countertops with newer, more durable ones, cabinets, hardware, tile, backsplash and many a times appliances also.

Luxury bathroom design with Marble shower Surround and mosaic accent tiles

Bathroom remodels are also one of the higher return projects you can do. A home remodel seems incomplete and dated without the renovation of the bathroom. Bathrooms also involve the replacement of countertops. The plumbing lines, tiles and handles might also need to be changed depending upon their quality and wear and tear. Fortunately today, with our love of white and neutral colors, replacement counters or tiles don’t have to be expensive to be more modern looking.

The reality is remodeling the kitchen and bathroom requires a good bit of time, labor and money. It is therefore important to dedicate adequate resources into it, as much as you’re able to. If budget is a large concern and you have some tough decisions to make, you can update countertops and hardware/fixtures first for the most visual impact, along with appliances. There are even countertop materials that are made to fit over your existing one, to drastically cut down on time and cost of a demolition. Another good cost saving measure is refinishing your cabinetry (if it’s all in good shape) to avoid the higher cost of brand new ones. Doing this also allows you a highly custom look, without the price tag. Even if you do not plan to remodel the whole house all at once, it is recommended that you start with both, or one of these two, to help you greatly increase the value of your home.